Sapphires are one of our favourite jewels. They are in fact the mineral corundum; a red corundum is termed a ruby, but in any other colour it is called a sapphire. They are also very hard, being second only to diamond, and thus are not only beautiful but practical too. They span a really wide price range; our stock stones range from around £100 to thousands of pounds.

We are often asked why we have operated sapphire mines in Sri Lanka, and the reasons are many. We love sapphires but we also believe in forging links between different countries, cultures and businesses, as closer links give a sense of global community and responsibility. Many people in less economically developed countries depend heavily on their natural resources and the export of precious gems provides them with well needed incoming currency. We enthusiastically support ethical and fair trading practices, and believe in the importance of our clients understanding the positive impact of their purchase decisions.

To put words into practice we ran our sapphire mine on a co-operative basis, with the miners all gaining a share of the gems found. We continue to re-invest funds from the sale of all our loose Sri Lankan sapphires back into Sri Lankan education and reconstruction projects.

So if you have the chance to look at our fabulous collection of multi colour sapphires, and you’re fortunate enough to acquire one and have it made into a stunning piece of jewellery, you’ll know that you, and all the people who admire it, are not the only ones who benefit.