Knowledge is fundamental to the diamond trade, at WHY we believe this knowledge should be social not just scientific.

Our desire for traceability has most recently lead to our certification as traders of Fairtrade Gold. However it has been with us since our origins and our investment in sapphire mining in Sri Lanka. It means a lot to us, to our clients and we believe it makes our jewellery all the more special.

This ethical stance and self elected attitude towards social responsibility, long before it was in vogue, sits at the heart of WHY Jewellers. It is who we are, what we stand for, what our jewellery represents – it is this education that is the very essence of WHY.

The launch of our Solaris Collection has allowed us not only to showcase our use of Fairtrade Gold, but also to support and promote the work of Sightsavers by donating 5% of all Solaris sales to this incredible charity. We have recently donated £3000 to this very worthy cause.

We would love to tell you more about our Fairtrade Gold and our sapphire mining activities in Sri Lanka. Please call us on 01202 916410 or visit our Solaris page to find out more.