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12th December 2015

The Intelligent Art of Creation

Lloyds Article

Here is a shot of our Solaris pendant as featured in a recent article published in Lloyds Living the Dream magazine. To read the full article follow this link and visit page 126…

The Intelligent Art of Creation


The intelligent art of creating fine jewellery begins with gems of extraordinary quality and great originality. This came to light recently in the press, with the sale of a 12.03 carat blue diamond, at a staggering $48.4m. According to a spokesman for Sotheby’s auction house in early November, this “set a new world auction record for any diamond of any colour”. News of the sale came only days after a vivid pink diamond smashed world auction records by achieving an impressive $28.5m at Christie’s sale of Magnificent Jewels in Geneva.

The fancy vivid pink stone named ‘Sweet Josephine’ by its new owner, was considered exceptionally rare, both due to its size and Type IIa classification, indicating little to no nitrogen within the stone and resulting in exceptional colour and clarity. Fancy vivid pink diamonds of 5 or 6 carats are very rarely encountered at auction so a stone weighing 16.08 carats was always going to attract significant worldwide attention!

To give some idea as to the rarity of these gems, only 1 in 10,000 diamonds mined is naturally coloured, and only a minute number of these are of a pure desirable colour.  Awareness of how such valuable jewels can drive benefits back through the chain of supply has led to a greater demand for ethically positive coloured gems, which are enjoying particular attention on the world jewellery markets at the moment.

The rise in interest and value of these remarkable ‘fancy’ or coloured diamonds is well documented at famous auction houses around the world. In October the top lot in Christie’s New York sale was an impressive 75.56carat, cushion modified brilliant-cut, fancy vivid yellow diamond ring which realised $3,609,000.

With the beauty and the scarcity of these natural coloured jewels no doubt attributing to their phenomenal value, gone are the days of the classic white diamond just taking centre stage. Many of the world’s greatest jewellery houses are returning to their historic use of fancy coloured stones in their latest collections, such as pieces featured recently at Christie’s by Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany, and Van Cleef & Arpels. This is transposing to markets closer to home, where WHY Jewellers collaborate with collectors who are both diamond aficionados and savvy investors alike.

By way of example; a 5 carat vivid blue purchased for £10,000 per carat forty years ago, could now realise £2.6 million per carat, a wise investment by anyone’s standards.

A positive ethical ethos has always been inherent to WHY’s business model. Historically WHY Jewellers have supported a variety of projects in Sri Lanka and most recently have donated £3,000 from sales of their Solaris Collection to the charity Sightsavers, which is performing tremendous work throughout the developing world.

Speaking of their Solaris Collection, founding Director Roderick Harris said; “our light yellow diamonds have a unique appeal – our clients today genuinely care about the ethical ethos of the stones and recognise, particularly with the coloured jewels, their aesthetic and fiscal value. By combining this with Fair Trade Gold and our work with Sightsavers, our Solaris Collection is at the forefront of demand for ethical materials and coloured diamonds.”

A wonder of nature… aside from the value of these gems, they are an incredible a work of nature. Each diamond being up to 3.5 billion years old, they are the hardest substance known to man and they can bend a beam of light more than almost any other mineral on earth. The colours created are unbelievably bright and captivating. Pinks, blues, purples, greens, vivid luminous yellows; they represent a spectrum of fantastic colours that many are not even aware exist in the world of diamonds. The variety of colour and their excellent physical properties lend these stones to make the most fabulous jewels for every taste and this is where WHY Jewellers once again come into their own.

Recognised as both pieces of exceptional beauty and intelligent investment, WHY Jeweller’s collection of Natural Fancy Coloured diamonds reaches beyond the impressive. WHY pairs this collection with a skilled design team, dedicated to providing guidance, inspiration and bespoke designs. Sketches of the initial concept and very often computer aided designs are produced which really bring the design to life, showing a near photographic likeness of the proposed piece for the client.

An established international dealer in natural coloured gems, WHY Jewellers design and craft unique pieces of fine jewellery; creating beautiful and intelligent designs alongside a strong sense of joyous, ethical responsibility. The bespoke process is initiated with an intelligent choice of gem, followed by the creation of a piece to be treasured, revered and handed down from generation to generation. WHY jewellery is something really quite magical and the perfect illustration of the intelligent art of creation.



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